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Repairs & Maintenance   -   Maintaining Your Home

  • Recovering Property after Water Damage
    Would you know what to do if your home got drenched? When an overflowing river floods a home or when fire triggers sprinklers and water streams in from fire trucks, the aftermath can be nearly as serious as the crisis. Muddy or sooty water can destroy possessions and endanger health if not properly and quickly addressed... [ read more ]

  • Spring Cleaning - It's That Time of Year Again!
    With spring just around the corner - here's a few very helpful hints to assist in your cleaning chores...[ read more ]

  • Easy Ways to Winterise Your Home
    Old man winter is rarely polite enough to knock-more likely he will slip right through your window, under your door or down the chimney. The only gift he bears is a high heating bill. This winter you can protect your home from this unwelcome guest with a few simple upgrades to improve energy efficiency...[ read more ]

  • Dusting the Right Way!
    Every thorough cleaning job should begin with dusting. In order to be efficient, always dust from the top down. First, check for cobwebs on the ceiling. Then, moving down, dust shelves, tabletops, and any other horizontal surfaces you may have. Don't forget to dust accessories such as the telephone, lampshades, blinds, and plants. Next, dust behind furniture, baseboards, and floors...[ read more ]

  • Frosty Fridge?
    Is Your Refrigerator Frosty? You bought a frost-free refrigerator expecting that it would be free of frost, right? Often even with a frost-free refrigerator, frost forms on food packages in the freezer and water drops accumulate in the fresh food section of the refrigerator...[ read more ]

  • Spotless Windows
    Washing windows is a tricky business. You think you've got them cleaned and then the sun starts shining through showing you all the streaky mess you've left. If this has happened to you, then you should read the following tips...[ read more ]

  • Guidelines for General Carpet Maintenance
    Carpet maintenance for residential and commercial buildings...[ read more ]

  • Who's Doing Domestic Chores?
    The second millennium has heralded a new equality amongst the sexes: women are making strides in the professional world and men are able to enjoy non-traditional pursuits without discrimination. Couples are more likely to share the responsibilities of raising children as well as paying for the mortgage. In this new age of equality there remains one divisive subject: who does the housework? [ read more ]

  • Leaving Housework in the Dust
    Notwithstanding the rare individual who finds transcendence in cleaning, most of us would much rather get it over with as fast as possible. And that appears to be a national trend. In 1965, weekly cleaning took up 27 hours for women and 4.6 hours for men. Now women clean a mere 15.6 hours a week and men 9.5 hours. That's a solid 6 hours a week that dust bunnies rule the home. Gone are the happy homemaker days. Most women now work outside the home; any free time is better spent catching up with friends or being an active parent...[ read more ]

  • Decorating on a Shoestring
    Whether you're moving into your first apartment or a spacious new home, chances are your decorating budget is limited. Rather than elegant furniture with matching rugs and accessories, you may find yourself turning moving boxes into end tables! Home décor magazines sell a dream of gracious living that few of us can afford. With a little ingenuity, you can incorporate that designer flair into affordable style. Your creativity will not only save you money, it will transform a new home into a personal space... [ read more ]

  • Indoor Air Quality
    What do a lunar space station, indoor air quality, and houseplants have in common? In the 1970s, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) began researching breathable environments for outer space. The problem facing head researcher Dr. B.C. Wolverton was how to maintain healthy air in a completely enclosed space station. He discovered that houseplants are the best filters of common pollutants released by carpets, furniture and building materials. After 25 years of research, NASA produced an extensive list of plants that can improve your home and work environment by filtering three dangerous pollutants... [ read more ]

  • Irrigation Systems
    In the 19th century, stonecutters drilled strategically placed holes in rock with hand drills then insert strips of leather. Once the leather was in place, they would pour water into the hole. As the leather expanded, the rock would split. If water pressure is great enough to break rocks, imagine what ice can do to your plumbing! Ice expands to a greater degree than water - the spaces between molecules in ice are larger making ice lighter than water. This is why ice floats in a glass of water and why a glass bottle filled with liquid can burst in the freezer. When water freezes inside plumbing or irrigation lines, the results can be costly cracks or breaks. Once the ice blockage has thawed, water will stream from the pipe... [ read more ]

  • Organize Your Home
    Consider all that is brought into a home on a regular basis: groceries, mail, advertising flyers, clothes, videos, CDs, sports equipment, newspapers, books, etc. Now consider how much easier it is to keep things rather than getting rid of them. Before we know it, we have far more belongings than space to store it all. It can be a daunting task to organize a home and even harder to change our habits. The following tips can help even the most organizationally challenged among us...[ read more ] Return to: Repairs and Maintenance

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